Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring days in the snow

Hi my lovely beading people!

This time a different blog post that usual. Don't get me wrong please, I am a very happy person that enjoys life every day. But even happy people get unhappy feelings...

I wassen't in the mood for a while to wright something on my blog. Not because I don't care about you guys! But just because... well I have... well lets call it the Winterblues. It is still snowing here, and al though I like snow and winter time a lot, I kind of start getting a little depressed of the dark winter days. My Christmas tree is gone of course ( I mean its 15th of March so it should be) but I miss my tree a lot. I miss the lights and the happy decoration. Something I bump in to every year again and again. Normaly I would hide myself in dark and alone places if I get this feeling, but this time I decided to make my house spring ready. In this way I tried to give my depression a positive turn, and it worked! :)

With my hubby and son I went to town and bought a lot of colorfull fake flowers, birds, hearts and other joyfull stuff to decorate the house with. I cleaned my house a little extra and I also bought some fresh new plants. I have to say that that worked a lot better than hiding myself! I try to take a walk every day with my son to see the sunshine and I go to bed early to rise fresh in the morning.

At this moment I can say I'm doing fine and I'm getting much more happy already! My hubby bought me the missing 6 lamps that go in my chandelier above my beading table, it shines so bright that I can even see the colors of my beads again haha :D Also I already asked everyone to give me money for my birthday so that I can buy a videocamera. I don't know if ot will be enough but in this way I can get it faster than the end of the year :) They all thought it was a good idea so that made me very happy to. I'm always a little shy to ask something for my birthday and I'm glad with almost everything. So it was a big step to ask money but I'm glad I did it!

So hopefully I stay in the happy mood now! I will do my best :) I'm so glad I have you guys supporting me! It means a lot to me :)

Have a lovely beading week!
Lots of love, HoneyBeads