Tuesday, 17 December 2013

10.000 Subscribers contest!!!

Hi my lovely beading people!!! :)

How are you today? I'm verry happy because I've got 10.000+ subscribers yeeaaahhhhh!!!!! :D

So because I want to thank you all for this milestone in my life and 'beading carrier' I'm holding a contest where you can win a great package of beads :D (I show the beads you can win and a surprise goodie bag in the video)

I choose the Winterglow earrings as the contest piece because this is a simple and fun project to make. It doesn't cost a lot of money to make it, you can get the materials everywhere and its a beginners project. So anyone can enter!!!

If you also want to join this contest, click on the link below to go to the contest video. Please read and hear well what I have to say, because if you don't follow the (simple) rules I can't enter you.

I hope you enjoy this contest and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear!!!!

Lots of love and huggs

Click here to go to the contest!!

(source; google/http://www.alegoo.com/)

Friday, 22 November 2013

40 free Etsy listings!!!

Hi my lovely beading people :)

I already posted this a few times here and there. But I wanted to place this on my blog to so that everyone can benifit :) I started my own Etsy shop (it's still empty so no link yet :) ) and I hope to start selling soon. I'm working hard on my own business cards and stuff like that. I'm making it all myself so I can completely disign how I want my packing material to look.

I will soon also make a video where I show my business cards and other stuff I've made, so that everyone can see that making your own issen't tat hard!

If you also want to start your own Etsy shop, I suggest you click the link below. For every person that starts there own Etsy shop through this link we get both 40 free listings!! So we both benifit! 

Happy beading!!


40 free listings!!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ow my gosh I'm so sorry!!!

Hi my lovely beading people!

Ow my gosh I'm so sorry!!! :(

When one of you write something underneath my blogpost, I get a message of that in the inbox of my blog. Because I answered everything I wanted to delete the answered messages out of my inbox, but I accidentally deleted the posts from my blog :S

So I'm so so sorry! That wassen't what I wanted to do at all!!

So please, if you have a question post this again underneath the post! I'm so so sorry!
I feel a little stupid at this moment :(

Sorry sorry sorry!!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

A little about selling my stuff...

Hi my lovely beading people :)

How are you today?

I get many requests of people how ask me if I sell my jewelry. Because I get that question so often, I thought I should make a blog post about this :)

As some of you might know, normaly I will go to a Christmas fair once a year, but this year I won't because I don't have the time to properly prepare myself. But of course this is only in the Netherlands, so people from other country's have nothing to do with this.

I'm still working on my website, but I did not diside yet if that will be a dutch site or a intenational site. If it will be dutch only, I will create an etsy page, so that I can sell worldwide. But why wait so long you might ask?

Well that has all to do with my time, or at least the lack of it. If somebody wants a costum order, I want to be able to really take my time for that. But I don't have that time at this moment. Also I need a stash of jewelry, because I know that some people rather buy something they can already see, instead of making up there mind on how they want it to look.

Also I want my own label, business card, my own packaging and other stuff like that. I really want any order to be a present to get. And I really want my own look and feel if you know what I mean. I want people to recognize my packaging in one glance of an eye. But this takes time and cost a lot of money. But I won't do it for less.

Also I'm creating a new bead stock with only quality beads and findings. I want this not only for myself and the name I have to keep up, but also to give my customers the best they can get. Also I found out that people from other country's arren't as greedy as dutch people. They know what handmade costs and how much time it takes to make something and they respect the prizes that come with that. So if I would only be able to sell in the Netherlands, I would have to use cheaper materials than I can use for other country's. So this takes me a while before I have enough good quality materials to make and sell any request. Because as most of the people, I don't have a pile of money laying around to spend on beads (I wish I had gosh hihi) So I love to go and by quality beads, but it will take me some time.

Speaking about time, I will not have that in a while either. My son is now 2,5 years old, so I will have to wait a while before he go's to school. But when he does I will have plenty of time to bead all day. And that is the time I will start making and selling custom orders. Probebly that is also the time I will start making patterns in PDF files, so you van download them.

So I hope everything is clear on the how and why's about selling or don't selling my jewelry. I hope you understand and I will keep you updated on this subject.

Have a lovely beading week!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ideas and Happiness!!!

Hi my lovely beading people! :)

How are you today? Did you see one of my last video's? You might have noticed that I 'showed' myself for the first time! If you didden't see me there, go ahead and take a look! In that way you will have a face to go with the blogposts :)

I'm excited to tell you that the DIY beading club (http://www.diybeadingclub.com) invited me to be in there next monthly issue! They make internet magazines with patterns that you can buy for your tablet or pc. (PDF files)
And in the next issue there will be a little article about me :D Issen't that cool!

Some of you might have seen my 'Beads for Blogpost Contest Winner' video. I got 1 kilo of beads send to me from Preciosa Ornela (http://preciosa-ornela.com/)!!! In the video I show you wat is in the package and it the video I explain how you can have a shot at such a great prize to! I'm still very exited about my prize and I will make a lot of good jewelry with them! I use the pen that was in the package every day, and every day it reminds me of how lucky I am to have such great beading friends :)

I'm working on many projects at the samen time as usual :) I'm totaly in to wire wrapping the last few weeks, I'm working on Christmas items and I still need to think of 'normal' beading projects. I'm also working on a big project, and for my 'Don't got time for that' days I will have project that need a redo video :) So enough work for me!

Gianna (http://www.youtube.com/user/Beading4perfectionis) made a Etsy page (http://www.etsy.com/shop/B4perfectionists) where she offers a written pattern in PDF file for 2 dollars (that is 1 dollar fees and 1 dollor fund raising) I thought that was a very good idea. So I think I will follow in her foot steps and I will make my patterns in to written versions to. It will take me some time to do this, and I can't promis you when it will be ready. I want to do this because I get a lot of questions if people can print the instructions, or that I can speak in my photo tutorials. So my sulusion is that I will make written patterns with pictures and sell them on etsy, and the rest of my video's will be spoken. In this way I try to avoid comments like 'Can you please talk us through' or 'Are there any written instructions?'

I still don't know what I want to tell and/or show you on this blog. But I had a thought that it might be nice to put little updates about beading here, and maybe a little more about me and what I do besides beading. Because there is more to me than beading, although that is a big part of my life hihi :)

Have a lovely day :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

I'm back!!

Hi my lovely beading people!

How are you today? Sorry I have been away for a while now, but I was very very busy! In 1,5 month we had about 15 birthdays and 1 wedding! So I was more away then I was at home. Most of the time I was really tired at the end of the day and I just could'nt make anything. Nothing came out of my hands. But If I had an idea I would just make a little sketch of it so that now I can still work out these jewelry pieces.

Some of you might have noticed that I have a camera now! It is already half mine, because I have to pay back my Auntie the other half. So a big thank you to her for making it possible for me to shoot some video's already! She said that she could really see this is my passion and that this is something I want to keep doing. And that is why she helped me so that I didden't have to wait to the end of this year. 

Is it already nice and warm in youre country? Here it is raining at this moment. I really don't mind that much because it is nice beading wheater :) But most of the people here are complaining about the wheater. This are the same people how also complain when it is really warm in a couple of months, people will always complain about something :)

That brings me to a different subject. I don't know if all of you how read my blog also follow me on Facebook, but we had an little 'grouptalk' there about me placing the following;

Hi my lovely beading people.

Now I don't want to upset anyone, but I have to get this one of my chest. I consider to be myself a loving and gentle person how treats other people with respect, because I like to be treated that way myself. So if you comment on my video something like "I like your video but you spell this word that way" or "This is not really my cup of tea but thanks for sharing" I consider this to be constructive criticism or at least your own opinion and I respect this.

But if your going to comment somthing like "Youre nails are ugly and I hate this bracelet" or "Youre voice is so annoying, stop making video's" I consider that to be a lack of respect and I will immediately remove your comment and block you for the rest of my time on youtube. Just because if you don't respect me, why should I respect you?

I think we all now what are disrespectful comments, so if you don't make these you don't have to worry.

I have a very thick skin because I went true a lot in my life, so it does'nt effect me in any way. But I just want to protect our beading group from negative people, because they don't add anything positive to our society.

I hope that this message is clear to all of you, lots of love

But if your going to comment somthing like "Youre nails are ugly and I hate this bracelet" or "Youre voice is so annoying, stop making video's" I consider that to be a lack of respect and I will immediately remove your comment and block you for the rest of my time on youtube. Just because if you don't respect me, why should I respect you?
I think we all now what are disrespectful comments, so if you don't make these you don't have to worry.
I have a very thick skin because I went true a lot in my life, so it does'nt effect me in any way. But I just want to protect our beading group from negative people, because they don't add anything positive to our society. 
I hope that this message is clear to all of you, lots of loveHoneybeadsBut if your going to comment somthing like "Youre nails are ugly and I hate this bracelet" or "Youre voice is so annoying, stop making video's" I consider that to be a lack of respect and I will immediately remove your comment and block you for the rest of my time on youtube. Just because if you don't respect me, why should I respect you?I think we all now what are disrespectful comments, so if you don't make these you don't have to worry.I have a very thick skin because I went true a lot in my life, so it does'nt effect me in any way. But I just want to protect our beading group from negative people, because they don't add anything positive to our society. 

I hope that this message is clear to all of you, lots of love


I just really do care about all of you lovely beaders, and I don't want negative energie in our group. And I don't have any joy in deleting people how are disrespectful, but I don't let anyone walk over me and my lovely beading people. Because I look at it in this way, what effects my friend effects me to. And I can proof that it is true, because this topic was the best vieuwed and talked about topic of my facebook page ever!

How do you like my crafting tutorials? I love making them! I will keep making these and they will all be jewelry or gift realated. I think they are a nice variation on the beading video's, something simple to do when youre bored :)

Also I found another to-go-with-beading hobby! I'm making cards now! I will show you more of this in the future but at this moment I'm still a beginner, so there is not much to see yet :) Maybe I will show the cards I made on my facebook page :)

So sorry if this blogpost is a little bit all over the place, but at least you know now that I will start wrighting on my blog again now :) I will start to catch up on photo's and stuff like that tonight :)

Have a lovely day,

Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring days in the snow

Hi my lovely beading people!

This time a different blog post that usual. Don't get me wrong please, I am a very happy person that enjoys life every day. But even happy people get unhappy feelings...

I wassen't in the mood for a while to wright something on my blog. Not because I don't care about you guys! But just because... well I have... well lets call it the Winterblues. It is still snowing here, and al though I like snow and winter time a lot, I kind of start getting a little depressed of the dark winter days. My Christmas tree is gone of course ( I mean its 15th of March so it should be) but I miss my tree a lot. I miss the lights and the happy decoration. Something I bump in to every year again and again. Normaly I would hide myself in dark and alone places if I get this feeling, but this time I decided to make my house spring ready. In this way I tried to give my depression a positive turn, and it worked! :)

With my hubby and son I went to town and bought a lot of colorfull fake flowers, birds, hearts and other joyfull stuff to decorate the house with. I cleaned my house a little extra and I also bought some fresh new plants. I have to say that that worked a lot better than hiding myself! I try to take a walk every day with my son to see the sunshine and I go to bed early to rise fresh in the morning.

At this moment I can say I'm doing fine and I'm getting much more happy already! My hubby bought me the missing 6 lamps that go in my chandelier above my beading table, it shines so bright that I can even see the colors of my beads again haha :D Also I already asked everyone to give me money for my birthday so that I can buy a videocamera. I don't know if ot will be enough but in this way I can get it faster than the end of the year :) They all thought it was a good idea so that made me very happy to. I'm always a little shy to ask something for my birthday and I'm glad with almost everything. So it was a big step to ask money but I'm glad I did it!

So hopefully I stay in the happy mood now! I will do my best :) I'm so glad I have you guys supporting me! It means a lot to me :)

Have a lovely beading week!
Lots of love, HoneyBeads

Friday, 1 February 2013

Valentine's soutache

Hi my lovely beading people :)

How are you all doing today? It's cold and rainy here in the Netherlands. Perfect beading weather! My dear friend Gianna introduced me to soutache. So if you heard some loud swearing a few weeks ago, that might have been me haha. The needle and the inside of my finger met a couple of times, my thread came apart, my stone fel out of my beadwork and it go's on like that. So you might understand that after my first soutache piece, I never wanted to work with soutache ever again!

But then I started to work with the other more shiny threas I had. And that was so much better! So after my brown/gold one I made this pair of earrings;

I found them to be much better then the bracelet. The materials was very soft and my needle glide trough the middle as if it was butter! So I made a second project;

This time a pendant. I thought it was easier to make 1 good project as a beginner, because in this way you don't have to make 2 the same pieces to make it look good. But when I was half way, my rivoli fell out of my bead work :S. My soutache was damaged on one side. But I remembered that somebody made a tutorial on how to glue on your soutache. So I thought, lets give that a try and maybe safe my soutache this way?! That was succesful! After this one I decided to make my first Valentine's Day soutache pendant!

I think this is a romantic piece with the roses and the hearts :) I made this one in to a tutorial. You can check it out on my youtube channel if you like.

Have a lovely beading week!
Greetings HoneyBeads

Monday, 28 January 2013

Valentine's Day is coming!!!!

Hi my lovely beading lovers :)

It is almost Valentine's day and because every beader on Youtube made a Valentine's Day video, I didden't want to stay behind :) Valentine is a special day for me, it is the day me and my hubby are 3,5 years together. This year we will celecrate it in the Efteling, a theme park here in the Netherlands. We are really lokking forward to it, because it is the one time in the year we can be a child again. We love the rollercoasters and the beautiful atractions with fairy's and such.

This week I made a simple beaded heart with twin beads and bicone's. You need some skills but I think a beginner should be able to make it. I prefer using Miyuki seedbeads with this project, because the shape of the hart turns out a little better. I hope you like this project :)

Have a good beading week,

Made with Miyuki

Made with Toho

Monday, 21 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Hi my lovely beading people!

This week I worked on a soutache piece. I wanted to make a bracelet, with the idea of a child sitting on a lion. I had a hard time making it, it took me 3 days to finish it. I just didden't know where to go with the material. I did my best but it was a total fail. I can't even tell you how much is wrong with it! But I can learn from my mistakes now and I will practice more this week. This is a picture of the failed piece;

But now I had to come up with something else. So I thought I do the heghly requested video, the necklace of HoneyBeads that I use as my logo. I didden't want to make the exact same piece, because the original piece is my firt bead embroidery necklace. So it looks good, but my techniques were not so great back then. And also I made it with cheap beads, and I use Miyuki and Toho now, so I changed the pattern just a little bit. Here are 2 pictures of the pendant and the pendant with the necklace

At this moment it is snowing outside! It is such a pretty happening. We went sleigh riding today with our son. He enjoyed it a lot and so did we. We made a lot of pictures to, all for inspiration later this year :) I hope the snow stays for a while so that we can play in the snow just a little longer. But I also like to look at it while I'm beading :)

So this week I will be fighting with the soutache again, hopefully I will succeed and make a tutorial at the end of the week. And of not, I will post another tutorial in the meantime.

Have a great beading week!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Netted spiral and a butterfly redo

Hello my lovely beading people :)

This time I tried to work with twin beads. I wanted to make a flat bracelet but I kept making rounds over and over again. So I thought maybe try making a spiral?! And it worked :) I made a spiral that has a netted look but you make it like a spiral and I called it the Twin bead netted spiral :) It is not hard to make but it takes a lot of time. But with this project you can make a lot of variantions! You can adjust the color of the seedbeads, the color of the twin beads and the color of the core!

I'm also working in a redo of the butterfly ring. This way the video is not so confusing as the original one. I also made a bracelet that I show in the video. You make it the same way as the ring only the beginning and the finishing part is different. I hope I finish that video today or else tomorrow.

This week had been a productive week for me. I tried to make my pinterest more interesting, I ordered a lot of new stuff like soutache and tila's and I planned several project. I hope that my project with the soutache turns out well, because I never worked woth soutache before.

Have al great beading week!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Butterfly ring and a broken lamp.

Hi my lovely beading people,

I broke my lamp! :( I don't know how I did it, but I was not very pleased with it. Hopefully I have a new lamp fast. This week I've made a cute butterfly ring. I love butterfly's, I always associate this insect with happyness love and other kinds of good stuff. The tutorial is a little messy because my lamp broke like in the middle of my tutorial. I made a mistake and I wanted to redo the tutorial, but without a lamp thats no good. So I dicided to upload it anyway and redo it later.

I had a big YES!!! Happy feelings!!! moment today :)
I've been asked by The Beading Gem if my butterfly ring could be on her blog. I'm really honored! I love her blog, its really good. Check it out here; http://www.beadinggem.com/

Here is a picture of the butterfly ring, I made it in 2 other colors to.

Have a happy beading day,

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beaded Owl and funny eyes

Hi my lovely beading people :)

I always wanted to bead an owl and I finally made one! My problem with beading the owl where the eyes, I did not have proper eye cabs. I searched the internet and I found pictures of eyes that you can place under a glas cabochon or under a resin drop. But the problem with that is that I don't own a printer.

So I searched a little more and found resin eyes, but they were way to expensive, especially if I wanted to make more creations with eyes. Maybe make my own resin eyes then? Well that was also very expensive and after seeing a few Youtube tutorials I thought I also had a good chance of failing.

So I had to figure out a new way to make my own eyes. I was painting my nails and then it came to me, why not paint the back side of the cabochon? I tried it and it came out fine! Yes it needs a little practice but when you get the hang of it, it is easy, cheap, quick and fun to do :) You can make as many colored variations as you like and it only takes a little bit of paper, nailpolish and a glas cabochon :)

Beading the owl was fun to do and it took me just a little time to make. Owls are trendy at this moment, you can find pictures alsmost everywhere! On shirts, jewelry, as house decoration you name it! I liked owls already before they 'got famous' ;) But I think that if I beaded an owl 5 years ago, nobody would care. I named my owl Oehoe :) You can make Oehoe in different colors if you like, I posted a video on youtube. The tutorial is for a small owl, but you can make it as big as you want. You can also find the turorial for the eyes on my channel!

Have a lovely beading day

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hospital and huge eyes

Hi my lovely beading People,

I went to the hospital yesterday. I had the feeling I almost choked! It was so scary!!! The dokter gave me a emergency inhaler shot and I got air almost immediately so I was very happy with that. What happend was that my own docter gave me an inhaler that I had to inhale every 8 hours, but the inhaler worked only for 4 hours. So after 4 hours I would almost choked like before. And this docter said I could take it every 4 hours now.

I have to say I'm doing much better at this moment. I kan breathe again, zo I can also bead again ;) The not so nice thing about this all is that I have to return to the hospital for examination. The think I have asthma and they are going to see if I need medication for the rest of my life. It was not a big surprise for me, it runs in my familly and I've been diagnosed with astma a long time ago, but I thought I was over it.

But I not complaining or anything at all! I think there are worse things to have like diabetes where you have to stick a needle in yourself every day. Or a skin disease where you have to hide your self because people will look weird at you. I'm glad that there is medication for this kind of thing these days.

So I'm back to beading again! I'm so happy! I'm making a bead embroidery owl at this moment. He has very big glass cabochon eyes that I will also show you how to make. I hope to finish all my project today and I hope to upload them tomorrow or Friday.

Have a lovely beading day,