Monday, 24 February 2014

Long lost goodies found again!!

Hi my lovely Beading and Crafty people :)

How are you today? Today a blog for the beaders. A while ago I told you that I completely lost my big project somehow, along with the winter pendant that I was to send to Beads&Buttons. But after my montlhy stash clean up I couldn't find it anywhere!! But yesterday I wanted to make something wit my polymer clay again, and there they where!!! So I'm very exited!! I don't know if I still want to send it to the beads and buttons, so that is something to think about, but of I do and they might reject me I just make a tutorial of it :)

Here is a picture of my long lost goods;

So I'm very happy that I found them back! I'm also working on a very cute cross, that I hope to upload this week. It is a very easy pendant that can also be used for earrings.
For now I will leave it at this, I will have to go to the docter in a couple of hours. I need to get the stitch out of my arm, it got a little infected (why do I alsways have these things??)  But at least it doesn't hurt or anything, so I'm fine :)

Have a nice day!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Second Channel Happiness

Hi my lovely beading people :)

How are you today? Long time no see! I'm not really a good blogger, sorry haha :) Thats a thing that I really want to change this year. Mostly I don't know what to talk about, but I have to say, I do have more things to talk about now because I started a second channel on Youtube called HoneyBeads & Crafts It's a crafting channel with all kinds of simple and easy crafts to do for yourself or with your (grand)children. I started this channel because next to beading I also like crafting a lot!

There are not a lot of video's yet on that channel, but here are 2 examples of video's that are aready uploaded:

This is a snowball made out of cotton wipes, very cut for next winter :)

This are gesso jars for last Valentine's day to light a candle in.

I have a lot more of ideas to make for this channel, but I didden't have the time to uplaod them yet. But altough this channel had kind of a slow start, I hope it will be as succesfull as my beading channel. Because what in life is more joyfull than making your own stuff?? :D

I will try to write more on my blog, maybe there will be some random things now and than. Just something to chat about :)

Have a lovely day!