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Hi my lovely beading people,

There are several social media sites that offer differen't ways of telling you whats on my mind. Most people think that I post the same thing on every site but thats not true. That is why I will quickly explain what's the differents between the sites I post on;

Youtube Channel; I will only post new video's here. Questions about making the jewelry or the craft projects I make can be asked in the comment box underneath the video's. So if you want to watch my video's, you can subscribe to my youtube channels.

Facebook; On Facebook I post only all kind of updates. Such as new uploaded video's, new social media and stuff like that. I also like to post quick updates to let you know what is going on. Facebook is my most used social media at this moment. So if you want to follow a bit of my personal life and updates on new tutorials, follow me on Facebook

Pinterest; on Pinterest I pin all my finished projects and I repin pins to show you what I like. I do this as well for my own as for your inspiration. So if you like to see what I like, follow me on Pinterest

Blogger; On Blogger I will post short story's on what I've made, what I've bought and other stuff like that. Sometimes there will also be a review of products I've bought or got from sponsers. I will also have a page on my Blog with favorite beaders, shops and other things. So if you like to know the story behind me and my beading and crafting, follow me on my Blogger
(Button on the right side that says; 'Join this site')

I have several Google+ pages and community's. As most of you might know, Google+ is almost everywhere these days! I use my different accounts for different things.

This is my personal account, you can me add me as the person behind HoneyBeads1 and HoneyBeads & Crafts. Here you won't find any updates other than things I say in my beading community.

This is my account that is linked to my blog and my Youtube beading channel. Here you will find updates on youtube video's and blog posts. You can also read here what I day to other Youtubers.

Beading, Beads and Beaders
This is my Google+ beading community. I alow you to advertise, tell a story, show your jewelry or any other things related to beading on this page. As long as you keep it normal. People how post just to post will be deleted. Keep it nice for everyone.

Twitter; I'm not much of a twitter person. I like to enter giveaways a lot so that is what I mostly use my twitter account for. Sometimes I post small updates like working on this or that with a photo, or a sentence like 'Hot chocolate, yummy! Happy beading today!' So If you like short and quick updates, follow me on twitter.

Instagram; On Instagram I will post a picture now and then. Instagram is a social media site where you can make and upload a photo very quikly. I like this because sometimes a photo says it all! You can also tag me when you posted a picture of a piece of jewelry that you made from my patterns.

So that was it! Is there other social media I should know about? If so, please let me know.
Of course you don't have to follow me on any of these social media, but if you like it please do!

If you made a project of my 'beading or crafty classes'  please show me a picture on Facebook.

Have a nice day!

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