Hi my lovely beading people,

This is the place where I will add my favorites. This can be other blogs, bead shops, inspiration sites and others that have to do with beading.

My favorite Blogs/Websites:

The Beading Gem's Journal is hosted by Pearl. This lovely Blog is about all things that has to do with jewelry.  You can find a lot of free tutorials there and also a lot of inspiration.

Handmade Jewelry Club is a website with all kinds of tutorials on it. You will also find a few of my tutorials on there. They also sell e-books (pdf-files) that you can buy for your tablet.

Beading Friends Forever is a blog and facebook page with all kinds of inspirations. You can join the monthly challenge and have a change to win 15 pound to spend at Beads Direct.
www.beadingfriendsforever.blogspot.co.uk / www.facebook.com/groups/beadingfriendsforever

These are my favorite bead shops (EU): 

Creadream sells a lot of different kind of beads for an reasonable price. If you subscribe to there newsletter you will get a 15% discount occasionally. Shipping cost within the Netherlands is free over 15 euro's.

Czech glaskralen is a very good quality shop for Czech beads and glass. They are always very friendly and the shipping is fast. They calculate the shipping cost by weight. Shipping within the Netherlands is free over 70,- euro's.

Cabsenkralen is a beading shop with a lot of things for beadembroidery. But they also sell a lot of Miyuki and Swarovski for regular beading. The most favorite reason for me to shop there is that they sell beads bij the gram (so you can also order 3 grams of you don't need a lot) and you can pay by Paypal. They also ship your beads very fast so if you order 9:00 and pay at the same time your beads will be there the next day, awesome!! Shipping cost 2,- euro's and is free within the Netherlands over 30,- euro's. They also ship to Europe and that is free over 50,- euro's.

Beading.pl (Polen) is a very cheap webshop for toho and czech beads. They ship very fast and they have good quality material for a very cheap prize. Sometimes it is even cheaper with the shipping cost to order from Poland then buying beads in the Netherlands! Shipping cost is calculated by the weight of your package if you order from another country.

Wirwar kralen sells a lot of things for bead embroidery. If you subscribe to there newsletter you will get a discount of 5%. Shipping within the Netherlands is free over 25 euro's, and you get a free gift over 20 euro's.

Sayila is a big online bead shop and very very cheap. But they don't have anything like Miyuki, Toho or other things for bead embroidery. But they do have Swarovski. Shipping within the Netherlands is free over 20 euro's. Sayila do had multiple locations all over the world.

Bead Your Fashion is a online bead shop and a sister of Sayila. BYF has a little more quality beads and the price of there Swarovski is a little bit cheaper than that of Sayila. Shipping within the Netherlands is free over 20 euro's.

Hoblit kralen is one of my favorite shops and also very cheap. Also not much for bead embroidery, but they do have cameo's, hairpins, glass cabochons and that kins of stuff. No free shipping kost at any price, but they do give a discount of 5% over 25 euro's and 10% over 50 euro's. Shipping is calculated by weight.

These are my favorite bead shops (outside EU): 

Potomac Bead Company is a beading company that has a wide variety of Czech beads, Preciosa, Gemstones, Miyuki seedbeads and many other beading supplies. There company has several 'real life stores' besides there webshop. The shipping cost are also low, they have a flat rate shipping of 2,99 for Canada and the US, free for orders over 75 dollars and 9,99 worldwide, free for orders over 150 dollars.

Fire Mountain Gems is a large online store with lots and lots of beads and materials. They sell Miyuki, Toho, Swarovski, pearls, you name it! For customers from the US and Canada they have a 'stuff the box' special shipping price where you can order beads at only 5 dollars shipping cost. Shipping cost to other countries is calculated by weight.

Jet Beads is site where you can order materials from Fire Mountain Gems for there lowest price. Jet Beads buys large quantities for the cheapest price at FMG and they let you join the ride. On there site you fill in a form and mention what you would like to order from FMG and you pay for your order and shipping cost. Jet Beads will then order at FMG and ship it to you. In this way you can safe a lot of money on the same materials if you buy in larger quantities. Shipping cost is calculated by country and weight.

My favorite youtube channels:

My friend Gianna's channel. She makes wonderful things! Most of them seedbead related. There are spoken and photo tutorials to choose from.

Renae Christine's channel from Rich Mom Business. She makes awesome informative video's about starting your own business. I especially like the Etsy business line!
Renae Christine

Have a nice day,

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