Monday, 28 January 2013

Valentine's Day is coming!!!!

Hi my lovely beading lovers :)

It is almost Valentine's day and because every beader on Youtube made a Valentine's Day video, I didden't want to stay behind :) Valentine is a special day for me, it is the day me and my hubby are 3,5 years together. This year we will celecrate it in the Efteling, a theme park here in the Netherlands. We are really lokking forward to it, because it is the one time in the year we can be a child again. We love the rollercoasters and the beautiful atractions with fairy's and such.

This week I made a simple beaded heart with twin beads and bicone's. You need some skills but I think a beginner should be able to make it. I prefer using Miyuki seedbeads with this project, because the shape of the hart turns out a little better. I hope you like this project :)

Have a good beading week,

Made with Miyuki

Made with Toho

Monday, 21 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Hi my lovely beading people!

This week I worked on a soutache piece. I wanted to make a bracelet, with the idea of a child sitting on a lion. I had a hard time making it, it took me 3 days to finish it. I just didden't know where to go with the material. I did my best but it was a total fail. I can't even tell you how much is wrong with it! But I can learn from my mistakes now and I will practice more this week. This is a picture of the failed piece;

But now I had to come up with something else. So I thought I do the heghly requested video, the necklace of HoneyBeads that I use as my logo. I didden't want to make the exact same piece, because the original piece is my firt bead embroidery necklace. So it looks good, but my techniques were not so great back then. And also I made it with cheap beads, and I use Miyuki and Toho now, so I changed the pattern just a little bit. Here are 2 pictures of the pendant and the pendant with the necklace

At this moment it is snowing outside! It is such a pretty happening. We went sleigh riding today with our son. He enjoyed it a lot and so did we. We made a lot of pictures to, all for inspiration later this year :) I hope the snow stays for a while so that we can play in the snow just a little longer. But I also like to look at it while I'm beading :)

So this week I will be fighting with the soutache again, hopefully I will succeed and make a tutorial at the end of the week. And of not, I will post another tutorial in the meantime.

Have a great beading week!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Netted spiral and a butterfly redo

Hello my lovely beading people :)

This time I tried to work with twin beads. I wanted to make a flat bracelet but I kept making rounds over and over again. So I thought maybe try making a spiral?! And it worked :) I made a spiral that has a netted look but you make it like a spiral and I called it the Twin bead netted spiral :) It is not hard to make but it takes a lot of time. But with this project you can make a lot of variantions! You can adjust the color of the seedbeads, the color of the twin beads and the color of the core!

I'm also working in a redo of the butterfly ring. This way the video is not so confusing as the original one. I also made a bracelet that I show in the video. You make it the same way as the ring only the beginning and the finishing part is different. I hope I finish that video today or else tomorrow.

This week had been a productive week for me. I tried to make my pinterest more interesting, I ordered a lot of new stuff like soutache and tila's and I planned several project. I hope that my project with the soutache turns out well, because I never worked woth soutache before.

Have al great beading week!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Butterfly ring and a broken lamp.

Hi my lovely beading people,

I broke my lamp! :( I don't know how I did it, but I was not very pleased with it. Hopefully I have a new lamp fast. This week I've made a cute butterfly ring. I love butterfly's, I always associate this insect with happyness love and other kinds of good stuff. The tutorial is a little messy because my lamp broke like in the middle of my tutorial. I made a mistake and I wanted to redo the tutorial, but without a lamp thats no good. So I dicided to upload it anyway and redo it later.

I had a big YES!!! Happy feelings!!! moment today :)
I've been asked by The Beading Gem if my butterfly ring could be on her blog. I'm really honored! I love her blog, its really good. Check it out here;

Here is a picture of the butterfly ring, I made it in 2 other colors to.

Have a happy beading day,

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beaded Owl and funny eyes

Hi my lovely beading people :)

I always wanted to bead an owl and I finally made one! My problem with beading the owl where the eyes, I did not have proper eye cabs. I searched the internet and I found pictures of eyes that you can place under a glas cabochon or under a resin drop. But the problem with that is that I don't own a printer.

So I searched a little more and found resin eyes, but they were way to expensive, especially if I wanted to make more creations with eyes. Maybe make my own resin eyes then? Well that was also very expensive and after seeing a few Youtube tutorials I thought I also had a good chance of failing.

So I had to figure out a new way to make my own eyes. I was painting my nails and then it came to me, why not paint the back side of the cabochon? I tried it and it came out fine! Yes it needs a little practice but when you get the hang of it, it is easy, cheap, quick and fun to do :) You can make as many colored variations as you like and it only takes a little bit of paper, nailpolish and a glas cabochon :)

Beading the owl was fun to do and it took me just a little time to make. Owls are trendy at this moment, you can find pictures alsmost everywhere! On shirts, jewelry, as house decoration you name it! I liked owls already before they 'got famous' ;) But I think that if I beaded an owl 5 years ago, nobody would care. I named my owl Oehoe :) You can make Oehoe in different colors if you like, I posted a video on youtube. The tutorial is for a small owl, but you can make it as big as you want. You can also find the turorial for the eyes on my channel!

Have a lovely beading day

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hospital and huge eyes

Hi my lovely beading People,

I went to the hospital yesterday. I had the feeling I almost choked! It was so scary!!! The dokter gave me a emergency inhaler shot and I got air almost immediately so I was very happy with that. What happend was that my own docter gave me an inhaler that I had to inhale every 8 hours, but the inhaler worked only for 4 hours. So after 4 hours I would almost choked like before. And this docter said I could take it every 4 hours now.

I have to say I'm doing much better at this moment. I kan breathe again, zo I can also bead again ;) The not so nice thing about this all is that I have to return to the hospital for examination. The think I have asthma and they are going to see if I need medication for the rest of my life. It was not a big surprise for me, it runs in my familly and I've been diagnosed with astma a long time ago, but I thought I was over it.

But I not complaining or anything at all! I think there are worse things to have like diabetes where you have to stick a needle in yourself every day. Or a skin disease where you have to hide your self because people will look weird at you. I'm glad that there is medication for this kind of thing these days.

So I'm back to beading again! I'm so happy! I'm making a bead embroidery owl at this moment. He has very big glass cabochon eyes that I will also show you how to make. I hope to finish all my project today and I hope to upload them tomorrow or Friday.

Have a lovely beading day,