Sunday, 30 December 2012

Beading tutorials delay because of pneumonia

Hi People,

As some of you might know I told you about 3 weeks ago that I was sick. At that time I taught I just had a bad cold. So I slept a lot, drunk a lot of tea and eat some oranges. Just the regular stuff you eat or drink when you are sic. But it didden't get any better.

On a Wednesday I went with my neighbor to the community center to make a flower piece for Christmas. He looked very tired and I said to him; Are you alright? You look terrible! Then he said to me, Yes I didden't get much sleep because you cough all night. Well, my face god red and I was so ashamed! But still, I didden't went to the docter, because I thought that it would pass.

By Saturday I was getting chestpain and started running out of breath. I didden't even make it fully up the stairs. I thought I might had a pneumonia, but google said you had to have a fever to, and my temperature was normal. Sunday evening I almost had the feeling that I choked and I made an oppointment with the docter.

The docter told me I had pneumonia in my left long and I got some antibiotics. I was really shocked by the fact that I indeed had a pneumonia, I didden't acspected it because I had no fever. She told me to take it slow and take a some rest. But that was the Monday before Christmas, and we had lots of stuff to do. And don't forget the big sale after Christmas, walhalla for every woman right?! So I diddn't gave myself that rest that was recommended. And first I thought I would be ok that way.

But now, after 8 days of antibiotics I'm not feelling any better at all, I might even say it got wurse. So I'm going to see the docter again tomorrow. There is a change she is going to be mad at me, because I didden't listen to her (like most of the time) But I really hope that she doens't send me to the hospital, because I don't know how long that would take. That would mean no beading for me for a while...

So I hope I recover soon and I will make it up with you by posting a few extra video's as soon as I recover. But for now I have to lay low for a while.


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