Friday, 1 November 2013

A little about selling my stuff...

Hi my lovely beading people :)

How are you today?

I get many requests of people how ask me if I sell my jewelry. Because I get that question so often, I thought I should make a blog post about this :)

As some of you might know, normaly I will go to a Christmas fair once a year, but this year I won't because I don't have the time to properly prepare myself. But of course this is only in the Netherlands, so people from other country's have nothing to do with this.

I'm still working on my website, but I did not diside yet if that will be a dutch site or a intenational site. If it will be dutch only, I will create an etsy page, so that I can sell worldwide. But why wait so long you might ask?

Well that has all to do with my time, or at least the lack of it. If somebody wants a costum order, I want to be able to really take my time for that. But I don't have that time at this moment. Also I need a stash of jewelry, because I know that some people rather buy something they can already see, instead of making up there mind on how they want it to look.

Also I want my own label, business card, my own packaging and other stuff like that. I really want any order to be a present to get. And I really want my own look and feel if you know what I mean. I want people to recognize my packaging in one glance of an eye. But this takes time and cost a lot of money. But I won't do it for less.

Also I'm creating a new bead stock with only quality beads and findings. I want this not only for myself and the name I have to keep up, but also to give my customers the best they can get. Also I found out that people from other country's arren't as greedy as dutch people. They know what handmade costs and how much time it takes to make something and they respect the prizes that come with that. So if I would only be able to sell in the Netherlands, I would have to use cheaper materials than I can use for other country's. So this takes me a while before I have enough good quality materials to make and sell any request. Because as most of the people, I don't have a pile of money laying around to spend on beads (I wish I had gosh hihi) So I love to go and by quality beads, but it will take me some time.

Speaking about time, I will not have that in a while either. My son is now 2,5 years old, so I will have to wait a while before he go's to school. But when he does I will have plenty of time to bead all day. And that is the time I will start making and selling custom orders. Probebly that is also the time I will start making patterns in PDF files, so you van download them.

So I hope everything is clear on the how and why's about selling or don't selling my jewelry. I hope you understand and I will keep you updated on this subject.

Have a lovely beading week!


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    1. Thank you Beth, that is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish :) Happy beading!