Sunday, 18 May 2014

Written patterns, change of plans and jewelry for sale!

Hi my lovely beading people! :)

How are you today? A lot of you have been asking me for a while now to start making written patterns. Most of you said you asked because you didden't like to bead by the computer all the time. So I started to make written patterns a while ago. I have to say that I really enjoy making these! I'm also starting up a team of ladies that help me with my PDF-files. 2 ladies check my grammar flaws and one ladie makes the pattern to see if everything fits. In this way I hope to sell good quality material that everyone can enjoy. I sell the pattrns for 2,75 euro a piece, this is for the made-from-video patterns only. I thought this was a fair prize because I don't want people to pay the full amount because after all I already released the video for free. At the other hand the patterns do take me a lot of time to make, so I have to ask something for my time.

With this I also made another change in my system. I will stop making advanced beading tutorials on my channel. The reason for this is that the advanced video's are beeing watched very poorly. To make my point, I made a beginners tutorial and an advanced tutorial in the same time period. The beginners tutorial now has over 135.000 vieuws where the advanced tutorial has only 18.000. But the beginners tutorial took me a total of 1/5 day to make, where the advanced tutorial took me at least 3 days to just finish the disign. My point is, I have to start spending my time in a more efficient way. That same advanced tutorial will take me only the making time twice (on doodle and one time right with photo's) to make when I make it into an PDF-tutorial. So that will safe me at least a whole day and maybe even more. And in this way the more advanced beaders will still have a change to make the patterns!

I'm also starting to sell my handmade jewelry on Etsy. It was time for me to stop hoarding only and start selling haha :) Here are pieces that are up for sale at this moment:

 The Zianna Pendant (HoneyBeads version)

This pendant is made with Steampunk colors to give the pendant a tough look.

Etsy link to this pendant

Dingeling Dangles Earrings

These earrings are made from one of my patterns that is not available yet. I used Sapphire and Silver to give the earrings a very diamond like look.

Etsy link to these earrings

English Roses Swarovski Earrings

These earrings are made from the 25mm beaded cabochon tutorial.
I used 2 english roses cabochons to give the earrings a girly look.

Etsy link to these earrings

In the future I will also be start selling kits. But at this moment that is not yet relavant for me. I have to buy my beads like anyone else, at the (online) bead store. This means that my kits will be very expensive because I also have to pay for shipping cost and I have to make a little something off them. So lets say I make a kit for 6 euro's, plus 2 euro shipping cost, plus 2 euro for me and 2 euro for shipping to your country. Don't forget about Etsy and Paypal fees! So that is also 1,20 euro. A kit will soon cost you 13,20!!! When it would be around 8 euro's to buy it yourself. In my oppinion this will only work if I have a business number and I can buy my beads at the wholesale department. But for now that is the future in maybe 3 years.

So that is all for today :) Have a nice week!

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