Thursday, 10 March 2016

Etsy on Sale Free Credits!

Hi my lovely beading people :)

Have you ever shopped on Etsy and seen something like this above an Etsy listing? Well that's what we're talking about today! It is called 'EOS' or 'Etsy on Sale'

So what is Etsy on Sale? 
Etsy on Sale is a usefull tool that you can use for your Etsy shop to host a sales event! You can set time and date and it automatically starts and stops your sale! Besides hosting a sales event you can also use the tag tool or the auto renew tool, but today we are talking about the sales tool!

First things first. Does it really work? 
The answer is YES!! I tested it out for 1 week with my 'Starburst Delight Earrings'. I reduced my prices with 30% and sold 2 pieces within that week! Now of course it could be one time luck so I asked other Etsians what they thought of it. Overal the reactions where very positive!! The most thing I've heard etsians say is that it draws a different kind of customer to your shop (in a positive way haha!) I like to call these people 'Bargain Hunters' of which I am one myself btw ;)

(*Disclaimer: I do not guarantee sales with this tool, I am just sharing my experience. You can test this tool out for free with the code below, after that all credit purchases are at your own risk*)

So what does it cost? 
Etsy on Sale works with 'credits'. You can start a free trial in which you get 5 credits for free + if you add my special promotion code you will get 10 dollars worth of free credits: 7FTDN626MJ

When you are out of credits you can buy new credits. The cost of 1 credit depends on how many you buy at once: (you need 4 credits to host a sale)
10 credits cost 10 dollars = 1 dollar per credit
20 credits cost 15 dollars = 75 cents per credit
40 credits cost 20 dollars = 50 cents per credit
100 credits cost 25 dollars = 25 cents per credit
(noted on 03-09-2016, always check for updated prices on: Etsy on Sale prices)

How does it work? 
Well I can type how it works but I think the video that EOS made is much more helpful than my explanation will ever be ;) Click here for the video on Youtube or watch it at their site! I can assure you that it is very easy to understand and that you will be able to set up a sales event within 10 minutes or less!!

Pros and Cons:
It is very easy to use and it is a great way to host a sale without 'thinking' about it. After you inserted your sale dates EOS sends you an email when your sales starts, when it is about to end as you might want to extend your sale and when your sale has ended. You can even plan sales far ahead for all the upcoming special dates like Easter or Christmas if you like! EOS even has a special page where shoppers can shop for bargains: EOS sales page.

While you have your EOS sales event running you can't change your listing as when the sale ends EOS puts your listing back as it where before. Trust me I learned that the hard way ;) The cheapest option of running a sale is 1 dollar (besides the first 3 times of course) This means that you will have to pay in order to reduce your prices, kind of ironic right ;) But they do have a nice link that you can share on your social media to promote your sale + they put it on the EOS page of course, so I like to see it as a 'promotion' you are paying for.

Overal this is a pretty cheap way to host an awesome sales event that is easy, quik and nothing to worry about as it is all automatic. I give this tool a big tumbs up!

So are you going to test this tool out? Let me know in the comments!

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