Monday, 16 June 2014

Goldfish and loombands

Hello my lovely beading people and crafty friends :)

Yesterday my goldfish died, it was the pretty kind with the long tail. Over the night he must have got stuck somehow as he laid in between the fake plants the next day. He was still alive but you could clearly see he had broken his pretty tail. He was already half white and I just knew it was over. This fish have had a lot of problems before with his health but I did not thought it would end like this for him, poor fish!

First I doubted to get a new one or not as the other fish was so very active all of a sudden after the other one was gone. I didn't know if that was because he was happy that the other fish was away or just because he missed his friend. But after taking a long look at the aquarium I decided we needed another one to keep him company.

So we went to all the animal shops in town as I don't think getting a new animal is something you just do. I have to live with that fish for a long long time (some fish can get upto 40 years although 10 would already make me very happy) and I don't want to make a dicision like that to fast. In the first stores they didn't had the kind of fish I was looking for. I wanted a long pretty tail like the one we have now. But in the last store we found one! A red goldfish with black dots on his long tail and on his fins. That was the one!

My son was very exited about the new fish that we took home. When my hubby went to pay for the fish and I took him to the buggy he was almost afraid we would not take the fish with us! When we came home we let the fish sit in the bowl with the bag he came in as he needs to get up to the temperature of the water first. Well then came that moment where I doubt that fish don't have the ability to think!

My other fish seemed to be very exited to see another fish! And the new fish looked like he wanted to meet the new fish too. He also got scared big time when my cat came for some water! Our cats drink out of the bowl but they leave the fish alone. The other fish just stayed calm while the new fish started to swim for his live in his bag. He will have to get use to it, even the cat looked like what are you doing hahaha :D

After a while we let him free in the bowl and the fish seemed happy with each other. You really see the fish needed some time to get use to the bowl. Not 200 other fish swimming around him that must have been a relieve! Nice and quit bowl with one other gold fish and the fish that sucks to the glass. Fresh waterplant and some deco. If the fish could think he would have thought like 'Ow I can get use to this!' hahaha :) He calmed down very fast and they went off swimming together.

Then I came to look at them. My other fish swims up to see of there was some food to score when the new fish hide underneath the plants. My other fish looked down to the other fish like 'what are you doing' hahaha :D I might be a little crazy but I always talk to my fish like I do to my cat. I think they understand in a way that I love them. I think this little buddy has to get use to people and being a part of a family as he is not use to it yet. We will se how things go :)

Speaking about goldfish! I made this cute little goldfishy's in my loom:

You can find the tutorial for these on my Crafting channel! I really like the loomband thing! First I thought it was not my cup of tea as I am not a hype person at all. But when I saw some of the youtube videos I just knew this was fun! This week I will upload the different color variations of this fish and next week there will be a tutorial of a bracelet. I do these things on my Crafting channel as I don't think it belongs on my beading channel.

Well that was it for this time :) I hope you liked it!

Have a nice day!

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