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Japanese Candy Review!!!

 Hi my lovely beading people and crafty friends! :D

How are you today? Today I want to tell you about my second love and no I did not trade my hubby for a new one :D I'm talking about candy! I'm a real sweet tooth and although beading and crafting are my number one hobby's, trying new candy's gets a good 2th place on my hobby list.

This time I've ordered some candy's from Japan. Japan is known to have wonderfull exciting candy's with better flavoured than we have in any other country. Also they have candy kits where you have to make your own candy before eating it, how much fun is that! I remember well that I had the Harry Potter kit when I was little, with the coocking pot where you put in stuff that bubbled up, so much fun!

So today I wanted to share what I bought and how some of them taste. I will make the candy kits into video's so that you can watch how to make those! Lets start what is in the box! :D

I bought this from NapaJapan, I ordered it with SAL shipping and it was here after in 10-11 days. I am subscribed to the news letter that contains a 'free gift' code every month (at least I believe they do this every month) My order was 24,22 dollar all inclusive (8,75 shipping) I think this is a very fair prize for shipping as we pay 6,75 euro (9,16 dollar) for shipping a package her within our own counrty.

I bought the following items:
Popin Cookin Kuru Kuru Takoyaki kit (the one with the octopus) (3,99 dollar)
Popin Cookin Candy Suchi kit (in the right corner) (4,99 dollar)
Pachi Pachi Wata Jelly Candy kit (the blue item in the middle) (3,99 dollar)
Puccho Miracle Multi Flavor (2,50 dollar)

The items I got for free:
Mintia Dry Hard mints (2,25 dollar)
Fuwarinka Rose Chewable Candy (2,75 dollar)
Chewing Gum Bleuberry (1,99 dollar)

**Mintia-Dry hard sugarless Mints in very strong mint with caffiëne (2,25 dollar)**

These mints where free as it was one of the 3 gifts in my box. There are different flavours and a box contains 50 mints each. The container is 3 inch by 2 inch. When opening the wrapping you can really smell the very strong ice minty scent.

The taste test:
HOLY CANOLI!!! These are so so strong wow!!! I was like wow what happens here!! I first thought that is was a little thin for a mint but WOW!!! Taste bud alarm code red!!! This is a real waker upper wow!! Super super strong mint flavour to the point I am in doubt if I like them or not. Very refreshing! There is an very interesting after taste to it also and the mint taste stays very long in your mouth. This mint makes me curious what the other mints would taste like!

If you like super super strong mints with caffiëne this is your mint! Not a mint you eat the whole pack of at once.

**Fuwarinka Rose Chewable Candy (2,75 dollar)**
These candy's where also free in my box and I wanted to try these candy's for a very long time! It is the reason I orderd at NapaJapan again to be honest! The packaging is 6 by 4 inches and the candy is 1/2 inch and contains 10 pieces. The package can be resealed what I really like! The candy contains Vitamin C, Hyaluricon acid and Collogen!! Japan is known for its collogen containing candy, which is benefitial for you skin. When I open the package there is a strong rose/strawberry flavor. I expected it to be more of a rose scent, but I really find it a bit of a mix. The scent is sweet and a little sour at the same time. Very interesting! They do smell more like candy's than roses!

The taste test:
Something I did not expect from this candy is the crunchy layer, yummy! The taste has a hint of soury rose, but not super sour. I had to take a second bite as this candy dissolves in your mouth very quickly. The texture of the candy is really nice! There is almost a slight jelly feeling in the texture but the candy is quit chewy. Not as chewy as a High Chew but a nice chewy texture. After 3 candy's I do start to taste the rose taste more. If you don't like parfum like tastes this is not your candy. I would buy this candy again!

Crunchy yet chewy and a little sour. Not a candy for people who don't like flower/parfume flavors.

**Puccho Miracle Multi Flavor (2,50 dollar)**
This was recommended by NapaJapan as one of there favorite candy's. It is a chewy candy with little colored gummy's inside. The packaging is 4 inch by 1 inch and contains 10 pieces. I expect this to be like the famous High Chew candy's. The candy does not smell like anything but i really like the colorfull packaging!

The taste test:
As expected it is very very chewy with a little bit of fizz and a strong pineapple flavor. You can chew on the candy a very long time before it desolves, I like that a lot! The gummies inside are very yummy to! This really gives me the feeling I'm eating a good piece of candy. Although the pineapple flavor is very strong, the rest of the candy tastes very soft and smooth. It is a very nice texture! I tasted another piece and this one tastes more like apples, very nice also! I would not hesitate to buy this candy again!

A very good candy for those who like chewy candies with pineapple and apple flavor. Love it!

**Chewing Gum Blueberry (1,99 dollar)**
This candy was also in my box for free. The package is 3 inch by 1 inch and it contains 9 sticks of flat gum. This is not a candy I would buy as I am not a big gum fan. I have not found a good gum yet that holds it taste very long and besides that I rather eat a normal piece of candy. Although this candy is made by Lotte, one of the best candy makers in Japan I'm sceptical. But that is the great thing about this goodies, you can try them for free!

The taste test:
The first taste is very blueberry like, very strong and sweet. After a longer chew most if the flavor wears off like expected. The gum has a light pink/mauve color and has a normal gum structure. But the gum acts like any other gum, its gets to firm to chew after a while and the taste is gone. After a minute or 5 I'm done whith this piece and I've thrown it into the trash can.

It is a nice flavor for those who like blueberry but it is just a regular gum, not my cup of tea.

Here is a close-up of the candies I'm going to make into tutorials the next time. I have no idea how these taste and to be honest I don't like to know as the taste test will stay a surprise! :D

From top to bottom:
Popin Cookin Kuru Kuru Takoyaki kit (3,99 dollar)
Pachi Pachi Wata Jelly Candy kit (3,99 dollar)
Popin Cookin Candy Suchi kit (4,99 dollar)

Well I hope you liked my Japanese candy review! In the future there will be more as I really like to do these reviews! When I filmed the candy kits I will also place a review of them here!

I wish you a very nice day and until next time!

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