Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beaded Owl and funny eyes

Hi my lovely beading people :)

I always wanted to bead an owl and I finally made one! My problem with beading the owl where the eyes, I did not have proper eye cabs. I searched the internet and I found pictures of eyes that you can place under a glas cabochon or under a resin drop. But the problem with that is that I don't own a printer.

So I searched a little more and found resin eyes, but they were way to expensive, especially if I wanted to make more creations with eyes. Maybe make my own resin eyes then? Well that was also very expensive and after seeing a few Youtube tutorials I thought I also had a good chance of failing.

So I had to figure out a new way to make my own eyes. I was painting my nails and then it came to me, why not paint the back side of the cabochon? I tried it and it came out fine! Yes it needs a little practice but when you get the hang of it, it is easy, cheap, quick and fun to do :) You can make as many colored variations as you like and it only takes a little bit of paper, nailpolish and a glas cabochon :)

Beading the owl was fun to do and it took me just a little time to make. Owls are trendy at this moment, you can find pictures alsmost everywhere! On shirts, jewelry, as house decoration you name it! I liked owls already before they 'got famous' ;) But I think that if I beaded an owl 5 years ago, nobody would care. I named my owl Oehoe :) You can make Oehoe in different colors if you like, I posted a video on youtube. The tutorial is for a small owl, but you can make it as big as you want. You can also find the turorial for the eyes on my channel!

Have a lovely beading day

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