Monday, 21 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Hi my lovely beading people!

This week I worked on a soutache piece. I wanted to make a bracelet, with the idea of a child sitting on a lion. I had a hard time making it, it took me 3 days to finish it. I just didden't know where to go with the material. I did my best but it was a total fail. I can't even tell you how much is wrong with it! But I can learn from my mistakes now and I will practice more this week. This is a picture of the failed piece;

But now I had to come up with something else. So I thought I do the heghly requested video, the necklace of HoneyBeads that I use as my logo. I didden't want to make the exact same piece, because the original piece is my firt bead embroidery necklace. So it looks good, but my techniques were not so great back then. And also I made it with cheap beads, and I use Miyuki and Toho now, so I changed the pattern just a little bit. Here are 2 pictures of the pendant and the pendant with the necklace

At this moment it is snowing outside! It is such a pretty happening. We went sleigh riding today with our son. He enjoyed it a lot and so did we. We made a lot of pictures to, all for inspiration later this year :) I hope the snow stays for a while so that we can play in the snow just a little longer. But I also like to look at it while I'm beading :)

So this week I will be fighting with the soutache again, hopefully I will succeed and make a tutorial at the end of the week. And of not, I will post another tutorial in the meantime.

Have a great beading week!