Sunday, 13 January 2013

Netted spiral and a butterfly redo

Hello my lovely beading people :)

This time I tried to work with twin beads. I wanted to make a flat bracelet but I kept making rounds over and over again. So I thought maybe try making a spiral?! And it worked :) I made a spiral that has a netted look but you make it like a spiral and I called it the Twin bead netted spiral :) It is not hard to make but it takes a lot of time. But with this project you can make a lot of variantions! You can adjust the color of the seedbeads, the color of the twin beads and the color of the core!

I'm also working in a redo of the butterfly ring. This way the video is not so confusing as the original one. I also made a bracelet that I show in the video. You make it the same way as the ring only the beginning and the finishing part is different. I hope I finish that video today or else tomorrow.

This week had been a productive week for me. I tried to make my pinterest more interesting, I ordered a lot of new stuff like soutache and tila's and I planned several project. I hope that my project with the soutache turns out well, because I never worked woth soutache before.

Have al great beading week!

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