Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hospital and huge eyes

Hi my lovely beading People,

I went to the hospital yesterday. I had the feeling I almost choked! It was so scary!!! The dokter gave me a emergency inhaler shot and I got air almost immediately so I was very happy with that. What happend was that my own docter gave me an inhaler that I had to inhale every 8 hours, but the inhaler worked only for 4 hours. So after 4 hours I would almost choked like before. And this docter said I could take it every 4 hours now.

I have to say I'm doing much better at this moment. I kan breathe again, zo I can also bead again ;) The not so nice thing about this all is that I have to return to the hospital for examination. The think I have asthma and they are going to see if I need medication for the rest of my life. It was not a big surprise for me, it runs in my familly and I've been diagnosed with astma a long time ago, but I thought I was over it.

But I not complaining or anything at all! I think there are worse things to have like diabetes where you have to stick a needle in yourself every day. Or a skin disease where you have to hide your self because people will look weird at you. I'm glad that there is medication for this kind of thing these days.

So I'm back to beading again! I'm so happy! I'm making a bead embroidery owl at this moment. He has very big glass cabochon eyes that I will also show you how to make. I hope to finish all my project today and I hope to upload them tomorrow or Friday.

Have a lovely beading day,

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